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If you'd like your skills noticed by the top recruiters in New England, you've come to the right site. Your resume information will be privately viewed by the top recruiting firms and Fortune 500 companies in New England, and also by small entrepreneurial start-ups and mid-sized companies looking for good employees. If you're an employer searching for knowledgable, career oriented employees in New England, let help you in your search. You can browse our resume database to find suitable matches to your staffing needs.

Is It Time to Leave Your Job? Look for the Signs

Many job seekers struggle with the decision to leave a company. When is the right time Does it really make sense to leave one good job for another It becomes much easier to make a decision about leaving if you pay attention to the signs. If you wait too long to leave, you may create a tough situation for yourself. You may end up limiting your choices or taking a job that doesn't pay your worth or align with your ...

To Get the Job, Tell Great Stories

Zanie (not her real name) was 19 years old when I interviewed her for a customer service position. The most refreshing thing about Zanie was how measured and tactical she appeared during the interview. My boss and I were immediately impressed by her readiness, eye contact, and directness. Honestly, we were wowed before the interview even began because of how well Zanie communicated over the phone. Her phone manners convinced HR ......

The ROI of Trust

Developing trust is one of the first challenges people need to navigate in order to become effective, emotionally grounded individuals. In fact, the very first stage in development psychologist Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development is "trust vs mistrust." This stage begins at birth and lasts through a baby's first year of life. Infants learn to trust that their caregivers will meet their basic needs. If these ......

Nailing the Interview Process, Part 1: Be Mentally Prepared

Succeeding at the interview begins before you sit in the hot seat. The first step is being mentally prepared. This means overcoming the negative feelings that came with losing your previous job. To lose a job for any reason can be a blow to your self-esteem. Even if you were let go simply because the company had to cut costs, you may feel like you've failed. It can be particularly ......

Why Regular Feedback Is a Leader's Best Conflict Management Tool

Between project delays, technological glitches, and good old-fashioned human error, problems are bound to arise in the workplace. Sometimes, those problems will manifest themselves as conflicts between employees. Businesses can't afford to have poor conflict resolution practices. On a bad day, a small matter can make a big dent in productivity. One word, phrase, or action can set someone off. How can leaders and managers work toward effective conflict management ......

4 Challenges That Can Derail an Employee Relocation Effort

Relocating a great employee can be an efficient course of action when it comes to filling roles in new locations. You get to keep a strong employees on your team, and you avoid the hassle of the recruiting process. However, asking an employee to move across the country – or the world – comes with its own set of challenges. According to ...