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If you'd like your skills noticed by the top recruiters in New England, you've come to the right site. Your resume information will be privately viewed by the top recruiting firms and Fortune 500 companies in New England, and also by small entrepreneurial start-ups and mid-sized companies looking for good employees. If you're an employer searching for knowledgable, career oriented employees in New England, let help you in your search. You can browse our resume database to find suitable matches to your staffing needs.

Disability Employment Awareness Month: Make the Most of 'Ticket to Work'

Do you suffer from a disability Do you wish you could rediscover purpose and direction in life by going back to work You're not alone. Every October during Disability Employment Awareness Month, organizations across the country take time to educate the public about the challenges facing so many people with disabilities who are trying to find their place in the workforce. We know people with disabilities want to go back ......

Nailing the Interview Process, Part 6: Answering the Tough Questions

You've been invited in for a face-to-face interview. You feel this job is great for you. You like the variety of responsibilities and have heard great things about the company. You've done everything right so far – and now it's time to answer some tough interview questions. In order to do this, however, you'll have to rely on the extensive research you've done on the company and position. The first thing ......

Beyond Code: Why Today's Engineers Need Strong Soft Skills

Software engineers are a hot commodity today, and nearly every company needs them. In fact, software engineering is one of the top 10 most in-demand jobs in 2017, according to a report from CareerCast. Along with this current demand for engineers, there is also a growing demand for engineers to have new skill sets, particularly when it comes to soft skills. Gone are the days when engineers could lock themselves ......

Surviving Your Boss: We All Have to Report to Someone

You may not believe it, but you can learn as much from a bad boss as good one – sometimes even more. I'm not talking about someone who is abusive, which is inexcusable. I'm talking about a manager with a style you might not appreciate at first. When managers are more junior and in the process of developing their own skills, they don't always make the best bosses. Most people who ......

How to Ask for an Informational Interview Without Looking Desperate

Anyone looking for new a job knows how much a strong network can help. Among the many benefits of a strong network is the ability to land informational interviews. Informational interviews give job seekers the opportunity to meet with hiring managers at target companies, learn about the work environment, and get the inside scoop on what makes ......

7 Easy Ways to Reduce the Stress of Job Hunting

Job hunting is incredibly stressful. You may be without a line of income, working tirelessly, and facing a high degree of uncertainty all at the same time. The longer you spend looking for jobs, the more stressed you become as the pressure mounts. With 12.4 percent of the unemployed population suffering from a history of depression – more than double the rate of the general population – job search ...