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How to Interrupt Someone During a Meeting

Picture this: You're in a client meeting along with a few of your colleagues. The client asks a question, and one of your colleagues starts to answer it — but you can tell he has misheard the question. You observe the client pursing her lips, a slight frown appearing on her face as she realizes she is not getting the information she needs. Your colleague is oblivious and continues talking. You ... ...

How to Stand Out From All the Other January Job Seekers and Land the Interview

The holidays are behind us, and the party is over. It has been a few weeks since you returned to the same old job and the same old routines. Once again, you're having thoughts of looking for a new job. There is good reason why the start of a new year sends so many of us to the job boards. It's the season of new beginnings and new resolutions. Many of us spent our holidays talking about our career ambitions and ... ...

3 Ways Technology Can Help Recruiters Assess Candidate Soft Skills

According to a Deloitte report, talent acquisition (TA) teams that use AI, predictive data analytics, and other advanced technology tools are more successful than those that don't. Despite this fact, the adoption of new technologies tends to proceed at a slower pace in recruiting relative to other aspects of a business. While technology can make outreach more efficient, decrease time to hire, and improve quality of hire, many ... ...

Why Face-to-Face Workplace Communication Is So Vital in the Digital Era

From the coworker who is constantly getting "dings" on their phone to our culture's obsession with social media, there's good reason for the growing concern regarding the way we engage with digital tools to communicate in the workplace. In fact, much of the technology designed to make us more productive in the professional world can actually do the exact opposite. For starters, instantaneous communication can make it challenging for employees ... ...

6 Ways to Identify Your Most Coachable Candidates and Employees

Organizations worldwide have embraced workplace coaching in recent years, and for good reason: Coaching can improve employee interpersonal skills by 50 percent and reduce employee stress by 35 percent, among other benefits. Every business wants to improve employee performance, but for any coaching program to be effective, businesses need to hire employees who can work within that program — employees who are, ... ...

Keep Your Jargon to Yourself

Have you ever wondered how your website is doing in the SERPs What about your PPC Are you getting a good CPA What about the CPM Are you tracking all of your KPIs Was that paragraph obnoxious or what There's a good chance I almost lost you. Maybe I did lose you, and you just skipped down to this paragraph in the hopes it would be better. I certainly couldn't blame you if that were the case. I spent many years ... ...

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