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The No. 1 Reason Job Seekers Make Bad Career Decisions

We spend about a third of our days at our jobs, and yet roughly 70 percent of us are unhappy with our careers. While a lack of praise from leadership can explain this unhappiness, the job's fit may be a problem, too. It's not necessarily that an employee isn't smart enough to do the job they've chosen; even the smartest people make ...

Retain Your Top Employees by Being a Great Leader

As the unemployment rate in the US continues to hover around 4 percent, finding and keeping quality employees is becoming more difficult. However, it is not impossible. To retain great employees, it is imperative to first be a great leader. Studies show that an employee's relationship with their supervisor can significantly influence their commitment to ... ...

Nothing Is Impossible: How to Increase Retention Among Tech Workers

Competition for talent is cutthroat in the tech sector. If you're a manager working at a technology company, a recruiter from a competitor is probably in the process of courting someone on your team as you read this. The recruiter may be offering a better salary, more flexible hours, or any other number of perks and benefits to get your worker to jump ship. If your company fails to provide a work environment that makes the employee want to stay, chances ... ...

4 Communication Touchpoints to Focus on During Your Next Interview

In an interview setting, communication skills can make all the difference in determining which of two equally skilled candidates will get the job. Some people are naturally good communicators, giving them the advantage. If you don't consider yourself a natural, that doesn't mean you're incapable of improvement, nor does it mean you need to act like someone you aren't. The value of authenticity in communication is undeniable. However, if you ... ...

Why the Employee Experience Is Worth the Investment

Companies typically invest in those things that can clearly affect their bottom lines in positive ways. Sales initiatives bring in money (or not), for example. Marketing and advertising efforts can be measured. New equipment can increase productivity, which is then directly connected to profits. Unfortunately, when we get into the realm of people, companies become more hesitant about their investments. But if a new computer can increase an employee's productivity, shouldn't the empl...

3 Tips on Hiring in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

We are no longer on the brink of a changed world resulting from artificial intelligence (AI) — we are already immersed in that world. Today, software-driven machines are learning to process unstructured information in meaningful ways, an activity that until relatively recently was the domain of humans alone. As more and more companies join the AI revolution, it is becoming clear that AI is fundamentally changing every aspect of the way ... ...

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Team Member - 10083889 by Dunkin' Donuts - Franchisee of Dunkin Donuts

Item description: This Massachusetts Jobs Worcester product is by Dunkin' Donuts - Franchisee of Dunkin Donuts - Team Member... Learn More

Manufacturer: Dunkin' Donuts - Franchisee of Dunkin Donuts

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