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5 Tips for Recruiting Cybersecurity Talent

Good cybersecurity talent is hard to find. With cybercrime damages expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, the increased demand for qualified workers is putting pressure on an already tight talent market. As it stands, the lack of labor power in this sector may be the biggest cybersecurity risk of all. It is estimated there will be upwards of 3.5 million ... ...

For Entrepreneurs, It Is Much Harder to Stay at the Top Than to Get There

As you reflect on 2018 and start charting a course for the new year, you're likely focusing on the trajectory of your business. Whether your are aiming for the top of your industry, your niche, or your competitive set, sustaining success over time is often the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons it is so hard to sustain success is that entrepreneurs often lose their curiosity once they've ... ...

How Survive the Office Holiday Party When You're an Introvert

It's not that you don't like your coworkers. In fact, you really enjoy working with them. You like stopping to chat in the hallways, or eating lunch with a small group of your colleagues every once in a while. But you're an introvert, which means social interactions can be exhausting for you, rather than invigorating. You're not looking forward to toughing it out at the office holiday party yet again. Fret ... ...

7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Workspace and Productivity

Article by Jason McCann "Being busy means doing stuff, but being productive means getting stuff done." Wiser words may never have been spoken. As a leader, I believe the idea now more than ever, although I did not fully understand it early in my career. In fact, I spent years trying different strategies to maximize my productivity. To this day, I continue to learn more; it has ... ...

How to Impress the CEO at a Job Interview

Sitting through multiple interviews for one job is the norm today, as roles are now frequently cross-functional, serving more stakeholders throughout the organization. Consequently, more people need to approve of a new hire. In a lot of smaller and even mid-sized organizations, even the CEO might sit for an interview or two. While it may seem daunting, interviewing with the CEO is a good thing, not a reason to get ... ...

Amid a Talent Crunch, Retail Recruiters Compete on Speed

Every year, there's some shift in the competition among retailers for workers, just as in retailers' competition for shoppers. iCIMS recently looked through its own data and uncovered three significant developments for this industry that employs 1 in 10 Americans. In 2018, there were more jobs and less competition among candidates for them, yet retailers were quicker to fill their open roles. As ...

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