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The Choice of the Purpose-Driven Leader

Article by Dan Price Recently, a friend told me about his struggle to become a purpose-driven leader. When he started his company, he had every intention of building a business based on service, one that transcended the typical profit-seeking benchmarks of success. At first, he was inspired by his mission and assumed that, when people saw what he was trying to accomplish, they would rally behind him in ... ...

Why Founders Are a Vital Part of Employee Onboarding

A proper onboarding experience is one of the best investments a startup can make to ensure the success of its employees — and, by extension, the success of the organization overall. But there's one critical component of onboarding many startups overlook: the presence of you, the founder. As a company scales, the founder's priorities can shift, and their input on hiring and onboarding may become minimized or muted. However, no matter ... ...

How to Talk About Your Side Hustle During a Job Interview

If you have a side hustle — whether it's driving for Lyft or writing freelance for online publications — an interview for a new full-time job can raises a couple of important questions. Should you mention your side job to your prospective employer And, if so, how Talking about your other work could be to your benefit, especially if the side gig has taught you transferable skills. On the other hand, you don't ... ...

7 Things We Should Add to Job Ads

Long gone are the days when you could find a job in the classifieds or drop a resume off in the office to get your foot in the door. While few of us miss these things, the alternative hasn't proven much better. While how and where we look for jobs have changed significantly, the job descriptions themselves haven't. Look at any ad on a job board, and you'll see that ... ...

How to Present Yourself Like a Rock Star

I am asked all the time why I gave up a lucrative career in entertainment to become a recruiter. The answer is simple: I love working with those who can benefit from my years of expertise as an artist development executive. Working on gold and multiplatinum projects at record labels such as Jive, Arista, and Columbia/Sony Music in the '90s was the thrill of a lifetime. Nothing can compete with the memories of breaking new music for Aretha Franklin, ... ...

3 Ways to Retain Talent in the Gig Economy

New York City recently passed a bill requiring Airbnb to provide the names and addresses of those who rent through its site. Airbnb fought back, claiming the measure would hurt everyday people who make ends meet by renting out their homes. Actions like this help gig companies gain the trust and support of their contractors. With the freelance workforce growing ...

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