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The Great Recruiter's Secret Weapon: Active Listening

If you're on LinkedIn, I'm sure you're familiar with this line: "I've got the perfect opportunity for you with one of my clients." If you're like me, I'm sure your reaction to it is: "Yeah, right." To tell you the truth, even I don't know what my dream job looks like. Yet I'm supposed to believe this recruiter who spent 30 minutes tops reviewing my profile knows exactly what I'm looking for in my career right now Therein lies t...

5 Tangible Reasons Why Organizational Culture Matters

Because organizational culture is so intangible, it often goes overlooked — especially in high-pressure boardrooms. This is unfortunate, because despite its abstractness, organizational culture has a very real impact on organizational success. Here are just five of the many compelling reasons why building and maintaining a positive organizational culture should be a priority for any company: 1. You'll Find It Easier to Hire Top Talent Are you struggling to hire ... ...

Parents, It's Time to Butt Out of Your Child's Job Search

In my line of work, I run into a lot of questions about parenting — but I'm not talking about the parents of young children. No, I'm dealing with the parents of fully grown adults. A lot of parents — and a lot of their adult children — don't seem to know where the boundaries are when it comes to the job search, with many parents getting themselves actively involved in their children's careers. ... ...

What Does the Ideal Cover Letter Look Like in 2019?

Cover letters aren't exactly fun to write, so it's tempting to look for reasons not to write them at all. The process of applying online often gives us the very excuse we're searching for. By not explicitly requesting cover letters, digital application portals leave the impression this once-critical document is no longer necessary. People have been speculating for years that  ...

There's Gold in Your ATS — But Can You Mine It?

Whether you realize it or not, there's gold buried inside your applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) system — candidate gold. And yet, despite the enormous investments organizations are making in their recruitment and hiring processes, valuable data is too often cast aside to languish within these software tools. Highly skilled silver-medal applicants from your previous jobs are ripe for the taking, and you don't need a map ... ...

4 Questions to Ask Before Bringing Peer Reviews to Your Organization

It has become very fashionable to talk about annual performance reviews as an antiquated practice, too outdated and infrequent to be of any value to employees or organizations today. It must be clarified, however, that performance reviews themselves are not inherently ineffective. It is only when they are executed improperly that they fail to support employee performance in meaningful ways. Indeed, performance must be understood as an ongoing practice. While annual reviews have their place, t...

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