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4 Benefits of a Diverse, Inclusive Workplace

If a company is going to flourish in today's business environment, it needs to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace. You can't just have one or the other. You need both. Companies have shown that having one without the other can cause turmoil, such as was the case with Google's mass employee walkouts earlier this year. ... ...

14 Active Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Build Your Talent Pipeline

In this competitive hiring landscape, waiting for candidates to come to you won't get the recruiting results your business needs to succeed. Instead, follow these best practices for sourcing candidates to build powerhouse teams that help your company thrive: 1. Encourage Communication Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers Communication between recruiters and hiring manager is important ... ...

Keep the Holidays Happy by Considering These 5 Workplace Policies This Season

For many people, the holiday season means decking the halls, singing loud so all can hear, watching comforting movies, enjoying quality time with family and friends, and fa-la-la-la-la-ing. For many employers, however, the season can cause significant headaches unrelated to excessive eggnog consumption. Rather than getting caught on the naughty list, smart employers use the season — often a slow period, business-wise — as a chance to check their policies twice. Employers ... ...

How to Become a Mortgage Advisor

Whether you are looking to take your career to a new level or you are fresh out of school, becoming a mortgage advisor can be a very good option, especially for those with an interest in finance, property, and working with people. If you are considering this as a career option, we have a few simple steps to help you get your dream job in mortgage advisory today: Do Your Research Before doing anything else, you should find out ... ...

For a Fairer Hiring Process, Put Candidates Through the Ringer

One of my most intense interviews ever was for a project management role at Target. The process was unlike anything I had ever seen up to that point. Target flew me to Minneapolis one evening, with a day of interviews to follow. As I look back now, the day itself is a total blur. So much happened in a relatively tiny amount of time. I had multiple individual interviews back ... ...

6 Questions to Ask Before Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is a regular part of any job. Some people are placaters, giving generic praise whether it's warranted or not. They aim to please, but nobody likes a yes-man. Others have a habit of going on the warpath, listing anything and everything wrong in excruciating detail. Critics like that don't make for harmonious working relationships or productive projects. It's understandable why many choose to punt. Giving honest, helpful feedback ... ...

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